AABB Accreditation | DNA Testing | Immigration | Ancestry

As an AABB accredited laboratory, ANDERGENE LABS provides:

Personalized DNA testing services to genetically establish familial relationships

We perform DNA tests to confirm:
Parentage - PATERNITY & MATERNITY Siblings Family reconstruction, & Surrogacy.

We also provide family history DNA testing to assist in genealogical research*

To set up a DNA test, please call us at 1-877-899-5700 (toll-free, within the U.S). In order to
expedite the testing process, we will need a (fax or email) copy of the letter

Family History* Family History/Ancestry: Y Chromosome test Confirm paternal lineage and common ancestry on the male line. Participants can only be males. This test examines the

Frequently asked Questions: What is DNA paternity testing? DNA paternity testing (sometimes called parentage testing) uses DNA, the biological basis of inheritance, to prove [READ MORE]